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'A gift to be savoured like a summer breeze
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With a troubadour free-spirit, and creative passion for life, UK singer-songwriter Carrie Tree sings with an honesty and devoted love for this earth and all within it, touching a deep place inside the hearts of her listeners. 


Creating a deeply intimate setting and with a powerful capacity for storytelling, Carrie weaves her soulful voice around guitar, piano and percussion, often touching on poignant subject’s and melting borders within us.


This artist has been a known name in Europe’s acoustic music scene for many years and has toured in countless retreats, festivals and concerts across the world.

She has collaborated live and in the studio with Damien Rice, Carly Simon, Fink, Albert Mazibuko (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), Rumer, Aukai, Mirabai Ceiba, Murray Kyle, Martha Tilston, Andy Barlow of Lamb, as well as countless other beautiful musicians.


'a gorgeous voice... able to carry a strong message'

bbc wales

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My new single 'Sweet Earth' premiered on BBC Radio as Acoustic Track of the Week Mon 26th July On The Late Show with Chris Baxter. Missed it? It's being repeated on Fri 30th July show BBC radio across the West – Bristol, Glos, Somerset, and Wilts. 10pm – 1am. It feels amazing that it will be played into the world, 2 days before release:

Massive thanks to Johnny Coppin for playing this track, to Markus Sieber for his magical production and loving support in a million ways, and to Sandrayati Fay for the beauty you gave to this song.  May it fly free!

The Canoe storY:


Created here is a spatial, delicate sound that allows Carrie’s mesmeric voice and rhythmic, fluid guitar style to take centre stage, with piano and other instrumentation adding to the soundscape. “I was captivated by the tender yet expansive power in Carrie’s voice and music,” says Markus. “My main focus was to bring out quiet, subtle qualities that could weave the listener gently into her evocative and mysterious songs.” 

They worked remotely across the seas through a winter, drawing on a palette of diverse international musicians. With Markus based in Colorado and Mexico, and Carrie in London and Sussex, they met ‘halfway’ in the spring of 2018 to complete the record in Greenhouse Studios, Iceland.

The album title reflects the symbolic and metaphorical significance of canoes and journeys taken on water,

“In many traditions, there is the idea that we are born on a canoe (via the mother’s body) and when we die, we leave on one too. A lot of the songs have birth, death, water, home, and travel as their central themes, so the idea of a canoe felt like a beautiful symbol for that.”

Carrie also speaks of the power of setting time aside for journeys, “As everything seems to be moving faster and faster in life, turning off the computer, returning to simplicity and re-centring, feels more important than ever.”

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