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20 years of music making and travelling. Carrie Tree warmly welcomes you to her shop of music delights and inspired items. Handmade products made by Carrie are coming soon, as well as new music releases...

The Canoe (album)

‘The Canoe’ is the third album by Brighton based singer-songwriter Carrie Tree. The listener is drawn into her world of mystical storytelling and sublime melody through the production and arrangements of Markus Sieber (known for his ambient acoustic recordings as Aukai).

Home To The Invisible (album)

Home to the Invisible is Carrie’s second album, self-released on Wild Cedar Records March 2014. Recorded in UK and South Africa. Working with acoustic Instruments from around the world with subtle layered production, whilst keeping the intimacy and spaciousness of the songs. Featuring Albert Mazibuko from Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Zamo, from the late Miriam Makeba’s band. Recommended listening situation: With headphones on a long train journey…

Carrie Tree - The Canoe album.jpg

The Kitchen Table (album)

‘Recorded in various kitchens, hallways, churches, living rooms and studios around the UK, ‘The Kitchen Table’ is a traveling nomad much like myself. In the making of this album, I had the opportunity to gather some of my favourite musicians from around the country including players of strings, horns, guitars, piano and percussion. They have become dear friends through the years, and I feel honoured to have their touch and sound on these recordings. I am really grateful to be able to release this body of work into the world, and hope whoever hears it will enjoy it, and feel the love and life that has gone into it’ - Carrie

Perfectly Cast EP - Carrie Tree.jpg

Perfectly Cast (EP)

A bridge between Carrie’s debut & 2nd album, Perfectly Cast EP has 2 songs from ‘The Kitchen Table’ and 2 songs from Home To The Invisible.

Perfectly Cast EP was recorded in a few places round the UK from Brighton Acoustic Studio Barn, to a hobbit countryside home, to the quiet sanctuary of Glynde church with portable studio gear, to the Troubador studio in Cornwall… and back to Sussex again to finish.

The Kitchen Table - album - Carrie Tree.
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