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🌿Waking Woman Celebration - Retreat in FRANCE

4 Sept 2021

Les Damias, 05300 Éourres, France

🌿Waking Woman Celebration/ - Retreat in FRANCE
04/09/21 - 11/09/21
In the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Provençal Baronnies, Les Damias / France

Carrie Tree joins forces with Angelika Baumbach from Mirabai Ceiba, to share their passions of music, celebration, depth and adventure, and to host a special women's retreat, high up in the most magical mountains of France.

This is an invitation to spend six days in a stunning mountain retreat centre in the south of France. To join a circle of women of all ages and all places, to share song, dance, poetry, stories, yoga, meditation, massage, hikes, rites of passage, sweat lodge, and much more. With the purpose to explore with each other this incredible adventure of being a woman, and what that means in relationship to ourselves, our families, our society of this time and to Mother Earth.

Please come and join us!

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