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Heart Songs and Cacao Ceremony (Carrie Tree and Kusñi Bear + Elian and George)

2 Dec 2021

The Rose Temple Space, 130a Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3LG

It is a Great honour and privilege to welcome CARRIE TREE and KUSÑI BEAR to The Rose Temple Space Brighton for the first time.

With a troubadour free-spirit, and creative passion for life, singer-songwriter CARRIE TREE sings with an honesty and devoted love for this earth, touching a deep place inside the hearts of her listeners.

KUSÑI BEAR is a musician and medicine man channeling powerful mystical songs with guitar, voice, flute and percussion to uplift and open the heart.

ELIAN KIDD is a medicine musician and devotional song space holder. Elian has been holding song circles, supporting ceremonial space and breathwork journeys for many years.

GEORGE FOGAL is a Jazz pianist with more than a decade of experience in the field of experimental jazz music, now currently focusing on many styles and flavours of music from Brazil. He plays samba, afro Brazilian spiritual music, devotional music from around the world, and supports musically in ceremonial space.

To start we will open sacred space and bless and serve ceremonial Cacao,
Elian, George and Kusñi will take us on a journey of world medicine music and original songs,. Songs to sing along to and bring us up to a place where we can let go, release, move our bodies , dance and pray. This part of the evening will bring the energy up high.
Leading us to a break where we will take our next cup of Cacao, and welcome Carrie and Kusñi to bathe us in their deep Original Medicine music.


Elian and George:

Tickets on Eventbrite⭐️
£20 with cacao/refillable decaf/caf chai + booking fee:





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